Accelerate DVD to iPhone Converter

DVD to iPhone by AccelerateThe next time you want your DVD movies to accompany you everywhere, here is the Accelerate DVD to iPhone converter, a resourceful application which takes a jiffy to complete its task of converting DVD files to iPhone.

So now you can travel wherever you want with your DVD collection. It’s a great tool and is as versatile as it is powerful. What’s more, it’s so easy to use. And of course, it is from the Accelerate stable, known for its great range of software.

It is claimed to be one of the fastest DVD converters out in the market today, probably because it relies on a one-step conversion process. Being compatible with a wide variety of DVD formats, if installed in a computer, it also gives a user full control of all the conversions desired. It is even possible to rip and convert some particular segments of a video, or to choose a target sub title or select audio tracks. It is capable of converting almost all the DVD formats.

A great feature of the Accelerate DVD to iPhone converter is that you can even pause while you are in the process of conversion and still retain the converted data.

The converter automatically detects hardware once installed in your computer and works in accordance with it. The conversion process depends on the configuration and capability of a computer. Click here for a free trial version.