Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter

An iPhone has all the features of an iPod and is so much more than a telephone. It is communication coupled with a multimedia player offering a variety when it comes to entertainment. For movie fans, lenogo dvd to iphone converterthis is the greatest thing that could have happened.

Now this software opens the doors to watching movies and videos on the go. With DVD to iPhone Converters, suddenly the possibilities are endless. Of course, when you choose the Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter, you can rest assured that the quality of video conversion will be unmatchable. This software tool brings out the best in the iPhone.
Like many of Lenogo’s conversion software tools, the Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter has high speed conversion along with high quality output. As in the iPod, the iPhone supports only a few video formats excluding DVDs All these things make the Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter software a must-have. Its main functions include ripping a DVD and converting it into a video file format supported by the iPhone.

Lenogo DVD to iPhone Converter is a very versatile software tool which gives the user absolute control. Even converting only a segment of a video is possible with this tool. Just a few clicks and a user friendly interface and you can choose where to start and end the conversion process. It is even possible to pause in between the conversion process and either resume it later or just retain the converted portion.

Powerful full functionality features and high speed are some of its advantages. The trial version of this software which has some features available only on purchase, is available free of cost. So just go and try it and pep up your iPhone.   

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